My Memoir

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Past and present adventures of Bunny. How did I end up on a trapeze in my 80's? It is a long story that goes back from my birth into a well to do and prominent family, through private school and Eastern boarding school, to ballet school in New York where I learned I could run off and join the circus, then on to a love affair with a circus clown who died, and eventually to running away from the circus to marry a cowboy.

Then came the birth of four children, life on ranches in the old west, move to our farm in Missouri where we had many horses, dogs, and pets of all kinds. After more than 50 years of marriage, I was widowed and volunteered at a men's prison where we did Shakespearean plays with inmates as actors. I taught poetry at a boy's prison, acted with some theatre groups and performed a trapeze act at my 80th birthday benefit party.

So now I'll go on trying to keep fit mentally and physically, trying to be understanding and supportive to my children and grandchildren. Hopefully, I can keep myself on the straight and narrow and not become a problem or burden to anyone.