Of everything in the world, my children are what I love, treasure, and am most proud of. My oldest daughter, Holly, has retired from being a registered nurse and is now living on and running the family farm with my son and younger daughter. My son, Skyler, ran the farm with his father and then for several years alone after his father died in 2005. My younger daughter, Heather, is a horse trainer and riding teacher, she still works at that as well as running the farm with her brother and sister. They are intelligent, compassionate people with great senses of humor.

It's no wonder that they have all returned to the farm on which they were raised. It's located in Pike County, a beautiful area about 70 miles north of St. Louis. The area was settled by Kentuckians and Virginians as its rolling hills and green pastures are similar to those lands. The 520 acre farm has cattle and crops, corn, wheat, soybeans. It has just been put in a new grazing program to help save the land. There are now separate pastures fenced off with solar powered water tanks. The cattle graze in one then are moved to another when the grass becomes short. My daughters live in the old brick schoolhouse where we lived since 1955. My son lives up on a nearby hill in a small house that my parents built for a weekend retreat from St. Louis. There is also a two story brick house that my brother's family uses on weekends. An unusual hexagonal barn is near that house.

My grandchildren are also much loved and fine people. Holly's son Ted finished college and now works in Washington D.C. Her older daughter Rosalee is in graduate school in Oklahoma. Her younger daughter Allison is in law school in New Orleans. Heather's daughter, Kelse, is a champion jumping horse rider and has just graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design. Her son, Chester, also a talented rider, has just started at the University of Missouri in Columbia. Next to my children they are what I love the most. My children and grandchildren are my greatest blessings.