Trivia Night at Father’s Support Center

I have just been to a trivia night to benefit Fathers’ Support Center St. Louis.( Please go to ) Here we are at the Trivia party to benefit a very worthwhile organization. Fathers Support Center teaches fathers to be responsible for their children, to shape up mentally and physically, to get a job, to keep a job, to be a good parent, to become a contributing citizen. It actually helps children the most. Statistics prove that large percentages of high school dropouts, incarcerated juveniles, homeless and runaway children, youths in drug treatment centers, and ones who commit suicide, come from fatherless homes. Many men graduate from the classes offered every few months and go on to lead responsible lives and care for their families. Fathers Support Center was started by a remarkable man under challenging circumstances and has grown into a well recognized and community supported organization. As for the Trivia party, had there been a booby prize our table would have gotten it, but we had fun and learned a lot.

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