My Heart’s Centurion

Would you believe I have a, well, friend who calls himself my Heart’s Centurion? He says he was sent to protect my heart. I showed a friend his picture and told her this. She said, “He looks like Kofi Annan and that is “wildly poetic”  She is an art writer and uses words well, my friend gets them mixed up in a delightful way.  He spoke of my getting him a “cherishable” gift when I went to Nola. He referred to a driveby visit I made to check on his dog as an “unexpectant” visit. When he wanted to see me he texted me to “allow this rendezvous manifest itself”. When I don’t hear from him for a long time he explains that he is “alleviating stumbling blocks from his past.”

He told me his empty lifestyle lacks the fullness of mine. He does not use the phone often and is “not a phone buff enuf to have a scheduled viewing of his messages.”  He wears very dazzling clothes, leather pants and jackets   and cap. Always a cap and it always matches whatever else he is wearing as do his shoes. He has shirts with little embroidered flowers on the cuffs and collars, many suits and jackets. He is very poor so I wonder how he gets such fancy clothes . He tells me from people who died and from friends and second hand shops. He asked me once to look at his humble ugly face. i don’t see it anymore.



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