Holly on the High Wire !!!

At last an offspring doing something circussy! Here is my oldest daughter on the high wire!!! At a Circus Flora benefit party, she made the winning bid on a lesson by the famous Wallenda family. When the appointed time came we went to the big top after the show and there was the Wallenda family to greet us. Tino, the father, put a harness on Holly so that if she fell it would catch her in midair. He told her she must trust him completely as it was like walking on the ground for him, and if she didn’t she probably couldn’t do it. He then climbed up the small rope ladder to the wire stretched high near the top of the tent. He beckoned to her to come up the ladder onto the little platform by the wire.

All of us watching were amazed at the agility and bravery with which she cllmbed up that small rope ladder! She stood beside Tino and he handed her one

of the long heavy balance poles. She took a step onto the wire but the pole was too heavy and threw her off balance and she backed up onto the platform where Tino stood. He again told her she should climb onto his shoulders but must trust him completely. She climbed up onto his shoulders and Tino proceeded to walk slowly across the wire with my daughter on his shoulders. Midway across, he paused and Holly smiled and raised her arms as in a salute to the audience. She looked so relaxed and happy up there as if she did this all the time!!!!

After she climbed down the ladder and we all cheered and hugged her, she told us that it felt wonderful up there, like a beautiful, different world. She wasn’t scared at all. It felt wonderful! She said life was like being on a high wire. Then we all sat down at a long table to have dinner with the very lovely Wallenda family. Perhaps the circus is a bit in her blood too?

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