Going to the Circus with the St/ Louis Arches






Last night I went to the Shriner’s Circus at Family Arena with the Arches and got to ride an elephant! ┬áThe ARCHES are a group of young acrobats who appear in CIRCUS FLORA and other events all over Missouri. The person who started and trained this remarkable group is Jessica Hentoff. Her organization CIRCUS HARMONY, (Please go to www.circusharmony.org which trains young people in circus arts, is located at the City Museum in St. louis. Jessie epitomizes Social Circus which works often with disadvantaged children and aims to bring all religions and races together working in harmony. She recently raised enough money to take her group of Christian, Muslim, Jewish children to Israel to participate in a circus there composed of Muslim and Jewish children. Jessica is a former aerialist and exceptionally talented young woman who now runs a large circus training school with many teachers from all over the world. She has deservedly won many community awards and is a delightful and dedicated person.

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