Derby Day weekend at the farm




It was beautiful at the farm this particular weekend but lots to do in house and yard. Iris starting to bloom and peonies getting ready. We went to Bowling Green to get things for our Derby Day party and I was excited as I’d never seen the huge Walmart there. It is more immense than ones I’ve seen in other cities. The main feature for me is a little barn area for the Mennonites to park their horses and buggies.Charming!
nty guests the next day for the Derby. We put all the horse names in the huge silver cup my grandaughter won. We put riding boots, riding crop, velvet riding caps on tables in the living room where we set up the bar for mint juleps with silver cups and all the cheeses , meats and cookies. Everyone drew a name out of the silver trophy and put money in one of the riding caps. I asked one couple to bring their new puppy and felt terrible because Siegfried barked and lunged at him. I’ve never had him act like that before.
We started on the mint juleps and the race began! It was so beautiful to see those gorgeous horses lining up and to know which one each person had drawn. Off they went and, hard to believe, the horse I had drawn, Supersaver, was the winner!!!! I really have never won anything before. It was so incredible! Guests stayed around for awhile then departed and we had some soup and watched a funny movie.
The next day we went over to the farm barn area and I took pictures of the round barn, our old tractors, and the two orphan calves, Isadora and Isabel, who have to be bottle fed. One is a blond and one a brunette. They wanted to be fed but my son has to prepare their bottles of calf milk. Then we all went back sadly, to city life.

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