Day at Rockford Farm

I was up at the beautiful farm several days ago after being at the prison nearby doing “Shakespeare in Prison” with the men there. They are working on “The Tempest” this semester. I’m at the prison from 1PM until 9PM with time out for dinner in the little nearby town. After this I spent the night at the farm, then I got up in the morning to go for a Ranger ride with my son who runs the farm. We drove across the fields and checked all the cattle and their calves. My son does like opera and, for my benefit, he had a Luciano Pavarotti CD playing. We crossed many ditches so he could show me how his Ranger can go anywhere, then into the woods we went with Luciano’s glorious voice ringing out through the trees. then through the cornfields we went with the music continuing as we bumped along. Back at my house we were welcomed by his dog named Luciano and mine (in the photo) named Caesar ( in honor of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” which the prisoner/actors performed last year). Our horses were looking over the fence by the house and we went and petted them. Then I had to go back into the city to practice my trapeze act.

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